Road Mice Will Keep You Cruising the Internet in Style

Even the most dedicated driving enthusiast needs to take a break every now again to use their computer for one reason or another. However, thanks to Road Mice, this doesn't mean we have to stop playing with our favorite toys.

Road Mice specializes in designing and assembling computer mice modeled to look like your favorite sports car or exotic. Each model is available in a handful of different colors, making the task of matching the one in your garage pretty easy, and nearly all of the models can be purchased either wired or wireless.

A working set of headlights make using Road Mice even more amusing and the ergonomics are designed to allow for hours of internet cruising.

Each Road Mouse comes with its own unique "VIN," which will give owners the ability to register their mouse and start the 6 month warranty that comes with the purchase. Road Mice will also send you a title to the vehicle if you request it.

On a more amusing note, Road Mice also offers insurance for your miniature automobile. It costs just shy of $20 and will guarantee a quick replacement if anything happens if you have an accident during some high speed browsing.

Prices range from $35-$45 depending on the style you choose.  You can buy it here.

Road Mice

Dec 9, 2010
by Anonymous

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