Roast Marshmallows Like No Other With The Fire Fishing Poles

Fire Buggz Fire Fishing PolesFire Buggz Fire Fishing Poles

How many times have you burned one side of your marshmallow to a crisp trying to roast it over an open fire? How about using a stick to roast your dinner, only to have your Ballpark hotdog fall into the fire along with the charred, broken stick? With the Fire Fishing Poles from Fire Buggz you eliminate those problems and look good doing it.

Fishing Pole Campfire RoasterFishing Pole Campfire Roaster

The Fire Fishing Pole is just what it sounds like--a fishing pole meant for the fire. It consists of a powder coat finished rod, a maple/birch handle, a stainless steel "line" and a stainless steel "hook," which has four prongs, perfect for four marshmallows or two hot dogs. And when you "jig it" the hook flips, ensuring an even roast. 

This fun camping product is great for the whole family, and with the July 4th holiday coming up, this would be a great accessory for a cookout or camping trip. You can find them on Amazon, and at $20 per pole, they won't break the bank.

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