Rob Zinn's Heliocentric Lighting Expands Into the Future

Designer Rob Zinn moves lighting into the future with his Concentric and Expansion XL series. While not in use, the vivid underside of these concentric steel panels remains a bold secret, radiating only a subtle hint of color. When turned on, the light source illuminates the concealed colors, reflecting the hue of each preceding panel. A very simple idea, really, with dramatic results. Aluminum, steel and brass construction make up the bones of this lighting, and they can be either ceiling- or wall-mounted. To fit with your color scheme, they are available in warm or cool palettes, as well as single yellow or blue tones.

The images of these single, illumined structures planted in a field against a darkening sky are particularly eerie (if not a bit menacing) so if you wanted to go for some alien-invasion kind of effect, I'm sure that could be achieved. You might need to place the purchase on a long-term wishlist, however, as prices start around $2,500.

Found at bornrich, sourced additionally at blankblank

Apr 17, 2008
by Anonymous

$2,500 ? Are you kidding? I

$2,500 ? Are you kidding? I can make that for under $100 in about a week. On my spare time!