Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet Wants Your Money!

"Wake up, human, or else...""Wake up, human, or else..."

The landmark 1956 film "Forbidden Planet" stood head and shoulders above the swamp of sci-fi schlock that oozed out from the paranoid 1950s, and its most memorable star wasn't even human! Now "Robby the Robot" has returned, talking fast, telling the time and taking your spare change!

Not your father's Heavy MetalNot your father's Heavy Metal

Yes indeed, Robby is back and he's never looked better! A product of a collaboration between Japan's Daiwa Toys and renowned science fiction modelers X-Plus, the just released (on scary Friday, July 13) Robby the Robot Bank evokes those Fabulous Fifties like nobody's business. He even remembers his movie lines, and will recite classic quotes such as "Quiet please, I am analyzing"... for a price. Being an actor, Robby works for scale and only puts out when you put in -- a coin. To ease the pain of payment, Robby acts like a Vegas slot machine and should you be lucky enough to score a Lucky 7, he'll add one of three new catch-phrases to his spiel. Well worth a few nickels that'll just end up collecting dust in your change jar, am I right?

"Pick you up at 8, and don't be late!""Pick you up at 8, and don't be late!"

Robby stands 10" tall and was designed to resemble his grim gleaming grandfather in meticulous metallic detail. He even packs a few extra features the Hollywood prop department couldn't fit into the budget, like a light sensor and a digital alarm clock. Who wouldn't want to be woken by a monotonous "Good morning gentlemen" accompanied by eerie blue flashing lights? OK, your wife maybe, but that's beside the point. Just keep Robby on your nightstand - not hers.

The Robby the Robot Bank is available from Hobby Link in Japan for 5,980 yen (about $49) and ships for 2,220 yen by SMS delivery. (via Japan Times)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Robby the Robot Bank is now available in the U.S. Robby can be found here on Amazon and at other toy retailers.






Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer