Roblox CEO David Baszucki Discusses His Organization's Success And Future

I've talked about ROBLOX before. Currently, it's  the world's largest creative online community, it's been enjoying some positively explosive growth in recent days, with engagement up by almost 230% since 2012.  Over the past six months, the site has generated over 13.4 billion pageviews and 399 million usage hours. Since June 2013, it's climbed up to the #1 spot for total visits, pageviews, and minutes in the comScore Kids, Games, Online Games, Teens, Toys, and Education categories. Coincidentally, June was also the community's most active month,with over 3.6 billion page-views and 62 million hours.

In other words, business is booming and it shows no signs of slowing. 

On Friday, I took the opportunity to sit down for a brief chat with David Baszucki, Roblox's CEO, to discuss the news - and the organization's past, present, and future. 

"We feel great about where we are right now; comScore actually rates us higher than LinkedIn, Pinterest, or " exclaimed Baszucki. "Obviously, though, it puts pressure on us to keep that growth rate going." 

In order to do that, Baszucki told me, his organization is going to be looking to the users. After all, at its core, ROBLOX isn't just about tapping into one's creativity to develop awesome games; it's about sharing those games with a community of like-minded people. 

"We are a physically simulated, online, user-created universe. Getting to this point wasn't just us - it was all the creations of the ROBLOX builders out there, the people who create so much interesting stuff. We're well over fifty million hours a month now of playtime, and a lot of that is building time; it's time our users are using making great games. 

In short, we've gotten here by giving the necessary creative tools to our users. Where we are - where we want to go - is to develop even better tools for our users. We want our builders to be able to create bigger, badder, and more interesting experiences. The more enthralling the experiences that our creators make, the bigger we'll get. It's all about giving them what they need to do that."

This, Baszucki continued, aligns completely with the vision he and his staff originally held when they founded ROBLOX. 

"When we got started, we had the vision of marrying what you do with construction toys with what's possible in the online arena, where there's infinite scaling and shareability. We wanted to give people the tools to build the cool gadgets they might have created in the past, and then equip them to infinitely share those gadgets with other people. We've kept to that theme - to that core idea - ever since. 

The interesting thing is that the technologies we've used just continue to get better and better. Since we first launched, we've developed, among other things; improved scale, better lighting, more parts, better physics, and cross-play on PC, Mac and iOS. 

There's a lot more on the way - we've a lot of cool stuff coming down the pipeline - we'll keep you up to date with new announcements every month."

Baszucki couldn't comment on what those features were, sadly - they're still mostly under wraps, methinks. Still, we'll be  So there you have it, folks. We've a veritable cornucopia of new features on the way from ROBLOX in the coming months, and they'll definitely be keeping us posted. For those of you interested in reading, I've attached ROBLOX's official press release below. I'll catch you guys later. 

ROBLOX Dominates Online Creativity With Impressive Engagement Growth
Top online "toy" leads six Internet categories in popularity and involvement

San Mateo, CA - August 20, 2013 - ROBLOX, the #1 creative building and gaming platform online, today released data showing spectacular continuing growth for the company, with over 13.4 billion pageviews and 339 million hours of site and gameplay engagement in just the first six months of 2013.

As of June 2013, ROBLOX is #1 in total visits, total pageviews, and total minutes in the comScore Kids, Games, Online Games, Teens, Toys, and Education categories. ROBLOX continues to dominate the comScore Kids Category in five separate areas, coming out on top in average daily visitors, total minutes, total pageviews, total visits, and average visits per visitor. June generated the highest number of pageviews and total engagement hours so far this year (over 3.6 billion and 62 million, respectively). Total engagement for the first six months grew almost 230% over 2012.

"Thanks to our vibrant building and sharing community, ROBLOX continues to grow at an amazing rate," said David Baszucki, CEO of ROBLOX. "We think of ourselves as the best digital ‘toy' around, and we are excited about the creativity, energy, and passion for success the ROBLOX platform continues to inspire in our builders."

Many intrepid ROBLOX developers have found significant success during the first half of 2013:

  • One teenage game developer from Calgary has created two popular titles, Deadzone and Battlefield, which have amassed a combined total of more than 7.8 million play sessions.
  • Apocalypse Rising, a post-apocalyptic survival game by a two-person development team, surpassed 10 million play sessions (5.5 million of them in 2013) after being live for just one year.
  • The most popular game thus far in 2013 is Paintball!, a competitive multiplayer game and perennial favorite developed by a 17-year-old builder from Massachusetts. It has accumulated 9.5 million play sessions in 2013 alone.

This impressive momentum comes as ROBLOX launches into a series of sold-out BLOXcon user conventions in Chicago, New York City, and London this summer (and virtually in September). BLOXcon brings together gamers, builders, and game developers of all ages to participate in building, playing, hackathons, tech demos, award ceremonies, presentations and more.

Following the BLOXcons, ROBLOX plans to continue the momentum by enhancing its graphics rendering and performance, launching international versions of the platform, and offering new opportunities for developers to engage in the ROBLOX virtual economy.