Robo Wunderkind Blocks Are Robotic Lego's

Lego's have been a popular and timeless children's toy for decades.  You can make almost anything using Lego's but now there are blocks that can be turned into actual robots and you can be as young as 5 to make them. Meet Robo Wunderkind, the "Lego of the future."

Robo Wunderkind blocks are colorful, easy to grasp, and shaped like cubes because that is "the most intuitive shape for children to build with,"  according to the creators, and they're right, if you give an infant some blocks they very quickly realize that they can stack them. Robo Wunderkind blocks teach your child basic coding skills, how to build robots, and allow them to use their imaginations in ways children haven't been able to until now. Oh, and did I mention they work with regular Lego's?

How do these miracle blocks work? Each block has a specific function via sensors, motors, batteries, and circuits that are embedded into them. For instance, there are battery cubes, microcontroller cubes, cubes with motors, cubes with Bluetooth, and cubes with sensors.

There are no wires or magnets, the blocks were designed to communicate with each other wirelessly. All you do is connect the blocks like regular Lego's, have fun and create anything you'd like and then bring them to life using an app.

Your child can easily learn simple coding skills by playing in the Robo Wunderkind app (which will be compatible with both Android and iOS).  "Our app’s visual programming interface is super intuitive: kids with no previous exposure to coding will easily figure out how to program in our app."

Kids can program their robots to:

  • Drive around while avoiding obstacles
  • Play a recorded sound when somebody enters the room
  • React to claps and other noises
  • Play music when somebody picks it up
  • Record and play voice messages
  • Hide from or follow sources of light
  • Solve mazes
  • Surprise parents with a weather forecast
  • Set off on a treasure hunt using its digital camera
  • Blink when the lights are turned off...and more!

Robo Wunderkind blocks have only been on Kick starter since September and have already blasted through their goal amount of $70,000 needed to begin manufacturing the blocks.

Learn more about Robo Wunderkind blocks on Kickstarter where you can even purchase some for a discounted price in advance as a Backer. 



Source: Kickstarter