RoboBoa: The Robotic Pet Snake

I'm not a huge fan of snakes or worms.  Living in Florida, I've had more of my share of run-ins with both.

I'll just mention two memorable snake encounters, starting with a simple garden snake leaping over the lawn mower (while I was mowing) and smacking face-first into my crotch.  I ran screaming like a little girl.  The second encounter had my Dad and I in pitched battle against a rattler in a neighbor's backyard.  The shovel prevailed; no toxins were injected via fang into either of us.

Worms are another issue: they're just slimy.  I'll bait a hook with shrimp over worms any day.

So, it surprised me when I found that I wanted one of these:

It looks sort'a... scary.It looks sort'a... scary.

This is the RoboBoa, and though it looks like a worm encased in body armor, it is pretty damn cool.

Consisting of 4 motorized sections, RoboBoa surprisingly offers more functions than initially meet the eye.

Of course it can dance.  What toy robot these days can't?  RoboBoa will twist and writhe in a creepy, snakelike way to all sorts of music-including stuff from your own play lists via a built-in audio jack.

Dance, baby!  Dance!  Shake it!Dance, baby! Dance! Shake it!

Much of RoboBoa's functions are based on movement or the scanning of movement.  For example, the "Explore Mode" will make the snake-robot scan the room, then move about and interact with objects and individuals in various ways.

The fun I could have tormenting my poor cat...

There is also an "Aware Mode," essentially just a tracking function, and a "Track Mode," which is the same thing only involving RoboBoa's multiple lights mounted on it's "face."

RoboBoa was blinking at the time of this picture, allowing the photgrapher to escape with his life.RoboBoa was blinking at the time of this picture, allowing the photgrapher to escape with his life.

Taking it one step further, RoboBoa can track and "shoot" you with its "lasers."

If you're lucky enough to have other WowWee robot products (such as RoboSapien), you'll find that RoboBoa interacts with them.

What I find unique about this toy is that it offers several practical functions.  It can be used as a "smart" desk lamp, an alarm clock, a safety light, and more.

This little video will give you an idea of how wiggly this thing is:


Though a bit hard to find, you can get your own RoboBoa at DigiBeings and WowWee.

Jul 27, 2009
by Anonymous

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