Robosapien Toys May Be Play of The Future Today


Most kids like robots. Getting them for kids however is not exactly in the budget for most of us, at least not right now. After all if you don't have your own robot butler why should a seven year old. That does not mean that you cannot introduce them to the basic ideas of robots. One way to introduce your kids to robots is to get them a basic robot themed toy that has a solid reputation, and an interesting case.

One option is the Robosapien. The company describes the project in the following terms, "One of the most popular entertainment robots in the world, with global sales of more than 6 million units, the Robosapien robot was the first commercially available biomorphic robot – a fusion of technology and personality. The Robosapien humanoid product line evolved to include 2005’s Robosapien V2 robot, which added functionality like speech capability..."

The full sized toy will set you back a serious amount, more than $200 on Amazon so it is not for small kids, but it comes with some advanced features and a solid remote control system that just might set your kids on an interest in science. There is a female robot version as well.

Image Source: Amazon

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