The Robot Barista in Texas



When it comes to getting your custom blend coffee drink, who do you picture getting it from? The odds are good that you probably picture a happy looking barista handing you a warm cup of your favorite drink with a paper capped straw peeking out of the top. You probably don’t picture a robot giving you your brew.


In the recent past we have talked about some of the robots that are showing up in bars, but what about the ones that are showing up with your coffee. One company in Austin, Texas, Briggo Coffee, has put a coffee robot on a University of Texas campus. The robot, known as Coffee Haus, is a robot inside of a large vending machine that can create custom coffee drinks.

Customers order the drink by smart phone and get a conformation that it is ready to pick up by text message. There is no waiting in line for this coffee. Will it take off? Only time will tell.


Source: Washington Post

Image: Morgue File

Aug 1, 2013
by Anonymous

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