Robot Barkeep May Be Pouring Your Drinks

Mixing drinks is a little bit of an art, and a whole lot of of a science. If you want to get the science part down with milimeter precision then the best person to ask is, of course, a robot. At least one who is built for the task. One robot, designed for just this purpose is already working the bar scene. The robot is named Carl and he tends bar in Germany. If you happen to find yourself in the city of Ilmenau then you may want to stop by at the Robots Bar and Lounge where you can get a drink made for you by Carl.

Carl is the brainchild of engineer Ben Schaefer, who built the robot in his spare time, using parts from outmoded industrial robots that come from a company known as KUKA. The robot is currently earning his stripes with back of the bar work, pouring out parts for the more human friendly bar tenders to serve up to the customers.  Source: Daily Mail
Image: Morgue File