A Robot That Crawls Into Forbidden Places: Great Idea?

On the patent page, it reads:

Micro robot where'd you go,
After entering my heiny hole?
With your micro-camera taking micro-pictures,
Will you make it past my anal strictures?
If you'd kindly come out, do not fear,
I won't lend you out to Richard Gere




For those among us who visit gynecologists annually only to experience that ‘cold’ but very helpful finger, the Micro Robot has come along, but in this case, it’s not to the rescue. Patent# US 6824508 was designed to improve medical internal examinations; a clear and noble purpose, but the thought of this thing gaining entry and heading for body parts unknown is something else again. (Remember that old sweet song about “the very thought of you?)

The Micro Robot is an independent little pain (you know where too). It can move independently by a plurality of legs with cams that are directed by a driving device. This device comprises the robot’s body and the rotational shaft installed inside it, which generates rotational force. Several cams which are connected to the rotational shaft and legs installed into the body are capable of moving by the rotation of the cams.

Robots have been a source of inspiration for inventors everywhere. Consider John B. Barker’s fun post, “Erector Spykee Robot--Fun with Practical Applications and Katie Gatto’s clever "There is A Robot Swimming In Your Blood."

Consider the Micro Robot your friend, but the kind you don’t see very often and who forgets to call you most of the time.


Via Silicon Valley Sleuth