Robot Dancing Gets an Upgrade


How do robots dance?

Are you picturing a certain jerky style of dance that was popular in the 1980's? Well if you are then your robot dancing skills need a serious upgrade.

A team of robotics researchers in South Korea have created a robot that can do more modern dancing. That however is not the big news here. What makes Hubo Two special is that it can learn dance moves. The robot uses a set of motion-capture cameras to watch the movements of humans. The it copies them. The results are, for the most part, fairly realistic.

Thus far the bot has learned to do the Internets currently most over played dance, Gangnam Style. Interestingly enough the bots are already attracting some commercial attention. The folks over at the search giant Google have already put in an order for a pair of the dancing robots. The grand total for that purchase is somewhere in the area of $80 million. No word yet on what the company plans to do with the bots.

The research team was based out of the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Source: WWLP
Image: Morgue File