Robot Firefighters May Be Coming Soon


Fighting fires is a dirty and dangerous jobs. Fire fighters literally put their lives on the line to control a blaze and safe the life of a person who may be inside of the building. But what if you do not have a life to risk? What if you are literally built to endure the heat, the ash and the generally extreme situations of being inside of a burning building?

Well, then that would make you a robot. At least it will if the dreams of a team of Purdue University researchers come true. The team is working on a fire-fighting robot that is designed to help beat blazes with a minimum risk to the lives of humans. The bot, which has the appearance of a tiny orange tank, is designed to change the way that fires are being fought.  

The device is not currently on the market. The team is hoping to work out a few bugs and make some tweaks before they put it on sale to fire departments.

Source: Fox

Image: Morgue File