Robot Healing Helps King's Coach Get Back on The Ice


When it comes to sports injury is a big issue. After all players get all kinds of injuries, and one of the most injury prone sport is hockey. Safety gear does take down some of the pain, but treatments still have to happen.


That is, believe it or not, where robots come into the mix. No, they are not replacing the players. They are helping to heal them. One pro-sports figure is crediting the robots that were used to treat him with his speedy recovery.


The figure in question is Darryl Sutter, the coach of the L.A. Kings, and the bots that helped him get better are a part of the da Vinci robotic surgical system. The system was part of a treatment plan for the coach’s double hernia. The system has some advantages over the old way of doing things. The most notable improvement is the fact that the system is minimally invasive. The smaller incisions mean less trauma to the body and a shorter recovery time.


These types of surgeries are on the rise, though the FDA has not formally given word on the enhanced safety of these procedures.


Source: CBS 

Image: Morgue File