Robot Keeps Kids From Crying During Shots


Going to the doctor can be an anxiety producing experience for any of us. Doing it with a child that is scared can be an eardrum piercing one for everyone else. So, we can all agree that it would be a good idea to make children feel less anxious at the doctor’s office, for the good of adult’s hearing if nothing else.

Lucky for us one robot is stepping in to do the job. Bereft of the delicacy of human eardrums it is bravely going into hospitals and making children feel better about getting shots. The robot, which is named MEDi, is currently being used at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. In a study conducted by a team at the University of Calgary in Alberta, children who were distracted by the robot were significantly less likely to experience pain during shots then children who were not given a digital distraction.

Source: NY Times

Image: Morgue File