Robot Makes Your Personal Space “Shady”

Going by the name "Shady," this robot climbs windows and produces a small shade to block the sun from shining on the exact spot you're sitting.

Designed by researchers at MIT, Shady latches on to window trusses to provide localized shade spots . Instead of blocking an entire window, Shady can block only the portion of the window where the suns' rays are angled on a person or computer screen.

The idea is to still allow people to enjoy the view and sunlight, without having to deal with disturbing glares or sun in the eyes.

Shady is about 16 inches long, and consists of two grippers by which it pivots itself up, down and around window trusses. It also has sensors to allow it to adjust itself to fit and grip the window beam geometry with minimal internal strain.

Although currently a person must control the robot's position by pointing to the correlated part of the window on a computer screen, the researchers may work on an automated version in the future.

Besides being a nice convenience as a shade, Shady could have other uses, as well. The researchers are working on using the robot to deliver tools and materials across a truss at a construction site, carry a camera or other sensors along a truss, and even physically form part of a truss, either temporarily or permanently.

This is a new video of Shady climbing a window truss and opening a shade:

from Robot World News
via MIT Shady page

Lisa Zyga
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Oct 12, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


Great find, Lisa!

Oct 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

there's a more simple

there's a more simple solution : facing the window !!!