Robot Mini-Me Looks Like You, Speaks With Your Voice

If humans will someday be replaced by robots, then thanks to a Japanese company that day is drawing nearer. Don't say "Hasta la vista, baby" yet though. Little Island's talking "Look A Like Doll" robots don't look for Sarah Connor, they just look cute.

Robotics in Japan, the world leader in the field, seems to bring us new and improved cybernetic sensations on a near-daily basis. The latest is a sort of "Mini-Me", in either static doll or enhanced robotic form. These little guys (or gals) look like you, talk with your voice and even plug into your computer to access the latest weather and news: told to you in your own voice!

Little Island is the Japanese company making the "Look A Like Doll", and they'll charge you up to $2,200 for the most advanced version. All you need to do - besides pay - is send Little Island a photo of yourself, your child (creepy), your ex (creepier) or whatever, then wait for delivery. Just like being pregnant... in the Bizarro world.

Once your Look A Like Doll arrives, use the LAN cable to plug it in to your computer so it can access RSS feeds and so forth. Then speak to it so the built-in voice synthesizer can record your voice and use it when speaking. The top of the line robots also include servomechanisms in their limbs and a microphone on/in their head.


Here's a video of a Look A Like Doll and its human template in action:

Supposedly the Look A Like Doll is popular at Japanese weddings where it greets guests - sort of a Stepford Wife in miniature.

Word to Little Island: build in a mini-ATM and it'll make gift-giving that much easier. (via Tech Chee and Robots Dreams)

Feb 9, 2009
by Anonymous

Neat, but isn't this idea a

Neat, but isn't this idea a little narcissistic? E.g. "I love myself so much that I want a doll to look and sound like me.. except smaller so I'm still #1" :P

Feb 28, 2009
by Anonymous

I came across your website

and I was looking for something else, but I just had to say that this is creepy, yet it could the future of People who wish to be parents, cant adopt ( like same sex couples it's harder for them to be considered acceptable parents ), or teens who want to become pregnant ( maybe use them as teaching tools for sex education. Wouldnt that be some fantastic tool? If they are capable of this, then I bet they are capable of creating a way to incorporate timing for say infant care to teach schools in sex ed. The more realistic, the more the impact of teaching responsibility, right? ). Also, there are many People who simply enjoy just being alone and would be better off with an 'artifical' friend rather than a real living person as a friend, or a roomate. Maybe they are just not socially adjusted? This would be a great alternative! Creepy, yes. But, possibly a tool that can be used to improve the lifestyles of many ;)
Thanks for posting this awesome article!

Mar 12, 2009
by Anonymous

fashion dolls

I am looking for a company that can produce a basic 111/2 inch fashion doll that resembles an actress in some of my Independent films. I see that there are many companies that can create a bobble head doll from a photograph which looks just like the person. But there doesnt seem to be a company in America that can produce an adult fashion doll based on a photograph as they do for a bobblehead doll sculpt. The Barbie doll or another 111/2 inch fashion doll body with bendable legs would work fine, the head would be the only part needed to be created. I would even be interested in a hard plastic proto-type version similar to the Bild Lilli from the 1950s with the same head mold of the actress. I came upon your website tonight when I decided to investagate companies in Japan for what I am looking for, after having no luck with American companies either then a baby doll likeness from photographs. Can you please direct me to a few companies in Japan that might be able to create this fashion doll.
thank you

Apr 1, 2009
by Anonymous

I think this look-a-like

I think this look-a-like doll should be in the form of a Barbie/Ken doll. Now THAT would be neat!