Robot Octopus Swims Like Biological Counterpart


A lot of cool things get shown off at robotics conferences. One of the conferences that showed off some really cool stuff this year is the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). The conference, which recently took place in Karlsruhe, Germany, showed off a cool new robot cephalopod. The bot, which is based on an octopus,

The robots uses a technique that is designed to mimic the motion of the actual animal, well at least some of them. It is no shock that anything that spends all of its life swimming might have more than one way to do it. For the time being the bot only manages to copy one of the types of motions of the octopus. The bot has a hard body and a set of soft undulating legs that move with the flow of the water.

The bot is, for obvious reasons, water proof and was shown off working in the controlled environment of a tank. There is no word on open ocean testing at this time.

Source: GeekoSystem 
Image: Morgue File