Robot Sensors Could Go Super Thin



When it comes to robots sensors make the world real. It allows a machine to help to make sense of the world around them. It tells them when they have made contact with a wall, or when they are in the presence of a desired chemical. Without sensors a robot could not function in the world, but the problem with sensors is that they can be big and expensive.


Big sensors can be a problem, as it limits the number that can be on a robot at any given time. When it comes to smaller sensors the race is one. One cross continent team is working on a very small sensor. The team led by Professor Takao Someya and Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Sekitani and working with a team run by Siegfried Bauer at the Johannes Kepler University are working on a super thin film that has the potential to be skin thin on the surface of a robot.


For now the work is not complete, but the technology has potential.


Source: RoboHub

Image: Morgue File