Robot Test Drivers?


Test driving trucks is hard work, harder work than you might think. It hours of driving over all kinds of rugged conditions that it takes to make sure that trucks can stand the test of time, in conditions that are designed to be rough. All of that test driving can be very hard on the human driver who has to endure it.

That is where a robot can come in and make the process easier, and maybe a little bit more efficient. The folks over at Ford are getting ready to use robots at their testing grounds. The rigs are not exactly what you would picture right away. It is not an android who slips behind the drivers seat and takes the wheel. Instead the setup is somewhere between the remote control systems you might see on Mythbusters and a UGV (unmanned ground vehicle - think Kit)

The prototypes are in use, and several other companies test tracks as well.
Source: USA Today
Image: Morgue File