Robotic Cradle Rocks Crying Babies Back to Sleep

If this cradle's rockin', don't bother walkin'... and rock it will, until your baby's sound asleep once more. The Suima automatic cradle features a sound sensor that detects crying sounds and then swings into action - literally.

Losing sleep over a baby who constantly wakes and cries during the night? The Suima automatic baby cradle may be the solution. This innovative cradle is fitted with a sound sensor tuned to detect an infant's cries.

When it does, a computer chip at the heart of the Suima begins rocking the cradle at a quick pace. Over the next few minutes the pace gradually slows to a rhythm approximating an average mother's heartbeat.

The Suima may be ultramodern on the inside but it presents a traditional appearance that should coordinate well with most room decor schemes. It's also no substitute for Mom or Dad - babies cry for all kinds of reasons and parents need to be aware of their responsibilities.


At 420,000 yen ($4,400) each, the Suima is a very expensive purchase for an item used for a short period of a child's life, which is why online retailer Rakuten offers thoughtful rental options ranging from 10,000 yen ($105) for 1 month to 63,000 yen ($665) for 9 months. (via TokyoMango, Japanese product page at Impress Watch)

EDITOR'S NOTE:  In the U.S., this Automatic Rocking Cradle is a nice option.  If you ae just looking for a great automatic baby rocker, this Fisher-Price Rocker is often recommended.

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