The World's Smartest Backpack Charges All Your Mobile Devices At Once

AMPL, the World's First Smart Backpack: A complete charging station and storage compartment in one convenient travel bagAMPL, the World's First Smart Backpack: A complete charging station and storage compartment in one convenient travel bag


If you frequently travel with a number of electronic devices, you know what a hassle it can be to find outlets for charging sometimes. A company by the name of AMPL is about to fix that for you with a backpack that is said to intelligently charge, protect and monitor multiple mobile gear for you when you're on the go. The SmartBag is being called the world's smartest backpack, and it may just be. With it you'll be able to power everything you carry safely, with no need to unpack, through a single cable that charges the bag and all your gadgets. It's been designed to not only protect your smartphone, tablet, laptop or game player, but to also charge them and track their whereabouts.

Intuitive Technology in a Backpack

AMPL Labs is a startup based out of San Diego specializing in innovative technology with an eye to making mobile life easier. With this backpack they have created a travel-techno-geek's dream come true. The bag has a total storage capacity of 2080 cubic inches and weighs only 4.9 lbs. when empty. In it you're able to keep your electronic devices safe and dry in convenient pockets located above a shock-absorbing sole and surrounded by water-resistant fabric. The charging system is integrated directly into the fabric of the light-weight bag. It is compatible with Smartphones, tablets and USB devices. The pocket for laptops is designed to flip open and lay flat for TSA compliance, so you don't even have to remove it from the bag when going through security.

Smartphone Apps

With the SmartBag Backpack you can control charge levels on the customizable AMPL SmartAPP dashboard directly from your phone and create a charging “playlist” of sorts for all connected devices. That playlist will then charge everything in order, as many at a time as possible. It appears from their website that the number of devices it's able to charge at once is two. The app is also able to alert you if the bag gets left behind — as long as your phone's not in it, obviously.

Portable Battery Chargers

The SmartBag Backpack charging system consists of modular batteries and USB ports in each pocket to power your portable electronics. It is able to dock up to three batteries at a time. AMPL claims the rapid-charge technology used charges 2.5 times faster and that Smart Batteries can be charged 2-3 times more than typical batteries over their lifetime. The bag comes in three models. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the bag comes in a 22 Wh base model and that base model comes with upgrades that include additional battery power. Those batteries are a 22 Wh tablet boost, a 55 Wh laptop boost and a 55 Wh Laptop boost plus AC inverter. 

Award Winning Technology

The SmartBag Backpack is the recipient of two awards. It was selected as a 2015 Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Awards Honoree in the Portable Power and Computer Accessories categories, and it was displayed with other honorees in the Innovation Awards Showcase at the Sands Expo and at AMPL Labs’ booth at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas back in January. AMPL is currently taking orders for an estimated October 2015 delivery date.