Robots In Advertising

With Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen pulling in domestic total gross sales of $402,111,870 (as of 11/17/09), it's no surprise to see advertising firms utilizing various forms of metal men in product campaigns.  Robots are the flavor of the day.

And why not?  They're cool to look at - which is a plus when jockeying for viewer attention for a product.  They cross gender boundaries as well, though the fascination with robots is still higher amongst males.  But most importantly, robots bring out the kid in all of us.  We love the idea of having giant mechanical pals that can shoot lasers or change into cars or other objects.

Of course there's always that scary notion that machines will rise, and take over the world.  The first few ads hint at the prelude to The Robot Apocalypse (Not to be confused with the Zombie Apocalypse.  That comes later, when the corpses of conquered humans are re-animated by some errant robot, leading to a battle royale between the undead and the machines).

Robot Ad # 1: Double A Copy Paper

I can't tell you how happy I am that things like that don't really happen.  I would have been beaten senseless by a wide variety of office and kitchen appliances.

Robot Ad # 2: Pepsi

Good thing the suction on that little thing wasn't stronger.  Ol' Dave might have lost certain portions of his anatomy.

At least that little vacuum cleaner didn't pack some heat:

Robot Ad # 3: Roomba

I'm not gonna harp much further on the whole Robot Apocalypse thing except to say that when a certain monthly apocalypse comes along, I wish I had one of these:

Robot Ad # 4: Panadol

The Police Anti-Divorce Task Force employs a robot for dangerous missions.The Police Anti-Divorce Task Force employs a robot for dangerous missions.

Instead I have to rely on body armor.

The fact that robots are made of metal (at least at this time - I'm sure they'll go all Blade Runner on us sooner or later) hasn't stopped marketing groups from integrating sex into the picture.

Robot Ad # 5 Philips Robot Skin Moisturizing Shaving System

Personally, that fem-bot scares the living hell out of me.  I wouldn't let that thing in my house, much less anywhere near me with a razor.

Robot Ad # 6: InnovAction

Someone's been naughty.Someone's been naughty.

I much prefer this robot, though I'm terrified of what is gestating in there.  I think it'll come out looking like Rosie O'Donnell crossed with a Borg.

Robot Ad # 7: Citreon C4

I think this guy's the daddy.

Even though robots can't eat (yet), they feature prominently in many ad campaigns involving food and drink.

Robot Ad # 8: Guinness

I can't blame him; it's tastier than oil.  It also explains all of his crazy dance moves.I can't blame him; it's tastier than oil. It also explains all of his crazy dance moves.

Robot Ad # 9: Pizza Pop

At least now we have a weapon for when the robots decide mankind is obsolete...

I've saved my favorites for last, partly because of how bizarre they are, but mostly because they contain one of my favorite movie heroes: Robocop.

The first Robocop film was a masterpiece of pop-culture/political/business satire all buried in blood and action.  While the sequel films lacked the sharpness of the original, they still delivered some fun.

Then came the television series and multiple TV movies which were abysmal (and that's being kind).  It was sort of like looking at the career of a great actor who, after making insanely bad script choices, ends out slumming in the DVD troughs at the local Wal-Mart.

And where do these actors show up?  Television commercials.

Robot Ads # 10 - 12: LG TV, UFO Noodles, and some sort of chicken batter.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  Chicken Batter.

I don't have much to say about this ad.  Robocop does make a great opening appearance... then it all goes down hill.

Okay, guys.  If you're going to use Robocop in an ad at least you can make him look like something better than a kid's costume cobbled together from spray-painted garbage bags and ballons.  Even if Robocop's been in crappy TV movies, he deserves better than this.  And what the hell's up with the sand-rowing????

Well, at least they gave Robocop a nice polishing before this ad.  They also changed his ethnicity, but that's okay.  He can break-dance with a 'fridge better than any Robocop to date.

I'm sure there are more robot ads out there.  Robots have a certain "staying power" unlike some other ad elements (I'm looking at you, little bug-eyed wad of dollar bills).

And sure.  I'm cow-towing to the robots and giving them good press.  It's only a few years until they'll be our masters.  I want a foot in the door.. and that foot to be connected to the rest of my body...

SOURCE: Ads of the World