Robots and Restaurants and Travel In China

Robots at a BarRobots at a Bar

Have you ever felt like the server bringing you lunch at your corner restaurant might just be an emotionless automaton that has no feelings at all. Well if your corner of the world happens to be located in the city of Harbin, which is nestled in Heilongjiang province in China and your local restaurant happens to be Robot Restaurant then you may just be right.

The restaurant, which is fast becoming popular with tourists in the region, is mostly robot run. A robot will bring you to your seat, bring you your meal and may even cook parts of it for you. For the time being the robots are only acting as short order cooks for simple items such as noodles. The robots will even sing to you while you eat, which is more than most human servers will do.

The robots that do the seating and entertaining run on tracks in the floor. A set of robot arms delivers meals by lifting your food off of a conveyor belt that is suspended above the table. The dozen or so robots that run in the restaurant do five hour shifts, and can make about 10 facial expressions.

If you don’t want to go to China for a robot style restaurant then try checking out Momentum Machines and their big plans for robot burgers in the USA. If that is still too far, then consider a robot for your tea.

Jan 23, 2013
by Anonymous

Expand menu, bring in more

Expand menu, bring in more robots & bring this to the US
Love to see this in Disneyland alone & at
airports, seaports, hotels, convt centers, busports, marinas,
& order by Touch Screen panels or celphone.
Invest in this for the US, Canada marketplace.