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Be Like Sherlock in Your Patent Search

SherlockSherlockIf you dread the idea of doing a patent search, playing the detective extraordinaire might prove a resourceful and fun persona for the task. Always looking for new ways to approach life’s drudge, Myra Per-Lee offers some advice on attacking the preliminary patent search.
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Great News for Inventors

Thanks to all our visitors, AmericanInventorSpot.com is now the most popular independent inventor related website in the world, based on traffic.

We wanted to share some information we have for inventors and news about a new Featured Blogger. read more »

Wacky Product of the Week #7 : ADD YOUR COMMENTS

Hey Folks:

I seem to have poultry on my mind this week.

So , since I could not find the perfect wacky product with a turkey theme to celebrate Thanksgiving with you, I decided that this is close enough since it has feathers.

My wacky product of the week is a Chicken in a Bag Purse. The merchant for this product says "one of the traditions for the chinese new year is to sacrifice a whole chicken, usually brought to the temple in a paper bag. for those who prefer less mess, this innovative bag has a chicken-- or a rooster, rather-- built right into it. ... the chicken is double-sided and is designed to expand when things are put into the bag."(Purse )

Well, is this something you or your lady would buy? Do you like the idea? What do you think? I am thinking my wife would kill me if I came home with this. Someone please say something funny and make us all laugh... read more »

One Guys' Launch Experience with PLAYSTATION 3

Last night at midnight, stores around the country opened so that they could sell the brand new PLAYSTATION 3 to customers waiting in extremely long lines. This morning, several nationwide stores opened to sell their preordered PLAYSTATION 3’s, as did a few stores that were doing “lottery” style sales of the PLAYSTATION 3. Here was MY launch day experience!
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The 10 Absolute Best Gadget Gift Ideas

My sister just called to ask me what I want for Christmas. I protested that it’s not even Thanksgiving, but she’s out shopping already and my guess is that a whole host of other folks are also working down their holiday gift lists. So, it’s with festive cheer I’ve compiled a list of hot gadgets that are sure to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Have Money to Burn? Pay $250,000 for a Chevy Van

I'm not a big fan of extravagant items. Not that it matters because I don't have the money to buy most of them. If you work hard for your money, I think its fair to spoil yourself a bit. But what bugs me is how excessive some of these products are. For example, the gold foot massager (Have Money to Burn? Pay $130,000 for a Foot Massager). Wouldn't it work just as well if it was made out of wood or plastic. Some people argue that the gold works better. It doesn't work $129,995 better. read more »

This week, I've come across a ridiculously expensive item that might some what justify the high price tag (read my logic below). This Chevy van is just insane. AI Design created this Mobile Living Space (MLS).

How to Have the Best Thanksgiving EVER!

Thanksgiving is such a predictable and tedious holiday. You cook and clean for days only to have everyone snarf down what took days to cook in about 10 seconds (and that's only if they chew slowly). Then, you sit around all groggy waiting for those annoying people you are somehow related to finally get out of your house and go on to theirs.

I think that Thanksgiving Day should be a lot more fun...a bit more of a surprise.

So, for my friends who are bored, I have collected together a few items that I think will turn any painfully tedious Thanksgiving Dinner into something people will remember for years. Here's my list of the 10 Things You Need to Have the Best Thanksgiving EVER: read more »

Five Deadly Sins in Packaging Your Product

Have a great invention? Do you know how to package it?

Our Guest Blogger, JoAnn Hines, is a packaging diva with 30+ years of experience in the industry including her work as the packaging expert to the U.S. Small Business Administration, traveling to China leading a packaging delegation and showcased on NBC TV program "Can You Open It?" If you can invent it, she can package it. JoAnn is here today to let us know how to avoid major packaging mistakes. You can reach her at http://www.packagingdiva.com

Here is her article:

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Looking for a New, Cool Website? Try Create A Snowflake!

Every now and then, in the course of my endless web surfing, I come across a cool new website find that hooks me for a while. So I thought, heck, why not share them with you all? This will be an “as I find them, I’ll share them” installment. And I welcome your help. If you come across a website that has some innovative technology at use, an unbelievably designed website that is inventive in it’s form, design or function, or some other site that you feel the world will love… email me at: coolwebfinds@gmail.com so I can share it with our ever growing audience.

So… in the spirit of the holiday season (which is apparently upon us by the look of the mall windows) I would like to share a fun little site where you can create your very own snowflake. read more »

Paint That Can Insulate

Insulation PaintInsulation PaintFinally, there is an easier and cheaper way to insulate your home. How? It's called insulation paint and it isn't a new idea. For years it has been used commercially, but that is quickly changing as it is marketed to the public. It is becoming more of a popular product to use in residential homes as another source to save energy and help reduce heating and cooling costs.
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A Better Way to Ride a Bicycle

Love the idea of feeling the wind against your face as you ride your bicycle? Hate the thought of how your face gets bright red as you try to bike up the hill?

Today's guest blogger, Ed Phillipps, is a freelance journalist based in Pittsburgh, where he writes weekly sports articles for three newspapers. He graduated with highest honors from the Community College of Allegheny County and is currently moving towards a degree in communications from the University of Pittsburgh with the speed of a glacier. Today, Ed has found the perfect bicycle solution to yourdilemma.

Here's his article:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

For 2007, Schwinn will release a new line of electric bicycles. The bikes will be powered by battery and come in retro-chic styles with enough options for anyone interested in riding a bike.

I remember riding a bicycle as a kid. My first time without training wheels resulted in me hitting a telephone pool and then landing on a sewer. Good times.
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Ten Best Office Products of 2006

Is your professional life painted in shades of manila and Post-It yellow? The manufacturers of these ten products know how you feel, and have set out to bring style, ingenuity, inspiration and innovation back to the office.

So while you're still thinking about what to enter in Staples' Invention Quest, take a look at my picks for Top Office Products of 2006. read more »

Elephant Poo Makes Good Green Gift

Poo MugPoo MugDo you know what your paper is made of or where it came from? Would you be surprised if I told you that there is paper made of elephant poo?

An elephant can produce about 1 ton of droppings per week and a smart company is taking advantage of this excessive amount of elephant dung. read more »

Random Good Links

Here is a random collection of good links I found this week: read more »


Wacky Product of the Week #6 : ADD YOUR COMMENTS

My wacky product find of the week is a bit of an oddity.

It seems to be a combination mixer and coat hanger. I am not quite sure what to say about it. So I thought I'd let the merchant do the talking. The merchant calls this the "Practical Coat Hanger"..."To use for your wardrobe and in the extreme necessities in your kitchen!" This hanger can be found at Singulier, which I found through the always great Mental Floss.

Well, I am not sure what type of comments this nifty device can inspire. Would you use this? For what? What type of nutjob comes up with this? read more »

The Trifecta: 3 Surveillance Innovations that Could Change America

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting to write for AmericanInventorSpot.com, it’s that there are so many gadgets and gizmos out there, that it’s a wonder I can get anything done away from my computer.

I find myself constantly searching, always looking and forever entranced. So, given my long and uninteresting obsession with these matters, I’ve decided to spare you a long and uninteresting article. Instead, let’s break-down the three brightest stars of the week past in the surveillance world, in what shall forever be known as The Trifecta. read more »

Have Money to Burn? Pay $1,000,000 for a Fishing Lure

When I was snorkeling in the Caribbean, someone once told me to take off any diamonds I had because fish are attracted to them. In other words, they might try to take a bite out of my diamond ring. Well, I guess this must be true because Mac Daddy's Lures has created a new fishing lure that uses gold and diamonds to attract the fish.
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The Apex of American Ingenuity- Fried Soda

Deep Fried SodaDeep Fried SodaEver have cravings for something crispy and sweet and new?

Our Guest Blogger, Andy Bryan, is a recovering anthropologist who lives in the state of Arizona and denial. Asked to write a bit about himself, he responded that he "like orangutans and baklava and orangutans that eat baklava. Sidle up, dear reader, and join me as I transcend mortal categories of interest on this site in a noble search for all things absurd."

Here's his sweet concoction for the readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com:

* * * * *

Following in the bloated, waddling footsteps of such state fair culinary giants as the pioneering corndog, its multitude of "on-a-stick" brethren, and the myriad of experimentally battered and deep-fried comestibles ranging from Twinkies to Snickers bars, comes what just might be the most revolutionary of carnivalesque cuisine in America so ... read more »

Thomas Edison, World's Greatest.....Product Marketer

Did you think Thomas Edison was a great inventor? He wasn't.

Our Guest Bloggers, Peter P. Roosen and Tatsuya Nakagawa, are the co-founders of Atomica Creative . Atomica Creative is a strategic product marketing company that has been involved in many successful product launches in North America and Asia in several industries. Roosen and Nakagawa have recently released a book titled "Overcoming Inventoritis - Lessons from Thomas Edison, the world's greatest product marketer". They have some valuable advice that they wanted to share with readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com.

Here's their article:

* * * * *

There are many stories of inventors who ended up broke, even if their inventions were first class world-beaters. read more »

Batteries Can Now Be Powered by Water

A brief item crossed news wires Tuesday announcing a Japanese company’s invention of water-powered batteries. The company, Total System Conductors (TSC), says the batteries are as powerful as everyday batteries currently in use and will offer a cheaper alternative to what’s on the market. Plus, they have an unlimited shelf life, unlike common batteries which lose up to 25 percent of their charge per year when stored unused. You could stow a battery in an emergency kit today and use it 50 years from now without consequence.

But are water-powered batteries really new? read more »