Robots to Cut Through Crowds Faster, Nimbler

Robots with the capacity to more efficiently conduct critical surveillance operations are now a reality courtesy GeckoSystems, an Atlanta, Georgia-based firm in the growing Mobile Service Robot space.

The company has reportedly completed the prototyping and development of GeckoSPIO, its cutting-edge mobile robot controller board. According to GeckoSystems, the new GeckoSPIO (sensor/power input/output) enables robots to more quickly and nimbly self-navigate their way through loose crowds of moving people in airport, bus and train terminals, shopping centers and other public areas.


As for some of the particular specifications, the GeckoSPIO has seven eight-bit MCUs with 8 PWM outputs; three power supplies; over 220 digital, 40 analog to digital, 17 serial and two Ethernet ports.

"Our sensor loving, fully autonomous AI software, GeckoNav, continues to perform in its exemplary manner to sense and avoid collisions, without human intervention,” said R. Martin Spencer, president and chief executive officer of GeckoSystems in a news release. “The GeckoSPIO enables higher patrolling speeds for better surveillance and a quicker payback for our commercial security partners and increased ROI for our investors."