Robots Evolve!


For now the evolution of robots is being controlled by the hands, and the imaginations, of their designers. In the future that may not be the case. One PhD student at Cornell University, Nick Cheney, has been working on research that might change all of that. He recently presented work on robots who can evolve by themselves. Modeling their evolution that of biological organisms Mr. Cheney's design allows the robots to make changes when they are forced with selection pressures. Basically, as the situations change, so can the robots.

Don't worry. You won't be seeing an Terminator bots in the near future (that model is actually a modular robot for anyone interested). For now all of the information in Mr. Cheney's research is confined to a series of computer simulations. The simulation presented showed a single robot, who was not particularly efficient. One premise was added, robots who move faster will get to reproduce more often. This strategy, which is employed by several real life predators, resulted in a few different evolutionary variations of new robots.

Source: Yahoo
Image: Morgue File