Robots: How Close is Too Close?

robot briderobot bride

Robots are going to be a part of our daily lives in the future, they are showing up in hospitals, in resturants and in schools. So we have to get used to being close to them. Well, according to new research from Huffington Post a good number of people are ready to get close to robots, very close.

The scandalous survey showed that about nine percent of people would actually be willing to have sex with a robot. Yes, you read that right almost ten percent of the surveyed population is willing to get down and dirty with a sex bot. Bad news there if you're already married though. 42% of people in the survey said that they would consider having sex with a robot cheating if their spouse were the one doing it. Another 26% could not say if they considered that cheating or not.

The survey, which was done between Feb. 20-21 among, included about 1,000 U.S. adults. The survey also looked at some less titlating questions as well, about how many people would be willing to have robots as servants, or taking care of the elderly. Feelings on these issues were also mixed.

Image: Morgue File