Robots Keeping Hospital Rooms Safe

UV RobotUV Robot

Generally we use robots to do jobs that are too dirty or too dangerous to be desirable to the humans in our world. While there may be some serious advantages to being a waste processor without a nose it is by far not the only thing that robots can do. A new breed of robot is being used to bring a new level of sanitation to those people who are most vulnerable to the risk of infection. Vancouver Coastal Health has recently announced that they are using a new brand of bot to keep rooms bacteria free.

So how is this digital sanitation machine any better than a housekeeper with a bottle of bleach? This robot, which has been dubbed the Tru-D SmartUVC, or Trudi for short, uses a blast of ultraviolet light in order to kill a host of bad for you bugs and add an extra layer of protection to medical facilities. The robot will be used in tandem with a traditional cleaning team in order to ensure that everything is clean, but the use of a portable ultraviolet light has been done in medical facilities for years. The revolution is putting it into a portable package that does not require a human to run the light over surfaces individually.

The robot will be helpful in killing bugs such as norovirus, influenza, and C. difficile.

Source: Vancouver Coastal Health

Feb 4, 2013
by Anonymous

super concept, now robots

super concept, now robots can irridiate germs aside
take lab specimens to lab
clean rooms
check lab specimens
janitorial duties
carry admin workload
alone & cut Hospital staffing Non Medical