Robots to Kill Ticks



Ticks suck, literally. Seeing as one of the things that they would like to suck on is our body we go to some lengths to stop them from sucking on us. We have developed techniques; sprays and blanket area poisons that are designed to help us get rid of the little bloodsuckers. Now humanity has taken it to a new level. Now, we are getting robots involved in the fight.


A team of engineers at the Virginia Military Institute is currently in the testing phase of a tick-killing robot that could help to thin the population of the disease carrying insects. While not all types of ticks are dangerous, several around the world are and they can cause life-threatening diseases to develop after a bite.


The robot works by mimicking the behaviors of tick prey. By letting off carbon dioxide and soaking an attached cloth to bot in some serious pesticides the system lets the bots attach and die. Results thus far have been between 75% and 100% effective in a given area.


Source: ABC

Image: Morgue File