Robots Learn to Copy Art


When it comes to making great art the odds are good that you think about the makers of great art you think of a painter, bent over a canvass agonizing over where to put each stroke, but art can be made  by a robot. 

The machine in question, known simply as the e-David, is designed to do one thing: find great art and copy it. The machine knows a variety of different styles of art, the only catch is that it needs to have a piece of art in front of it to copy the art. This allows for a detailed copy, but it does limit the amount of art that can be copied.

So, for now it only copies the art. But who knows some day it may be able to come up with original art of its own, and then you may just be appreciating art that is made by a robot. For the time being keep an eye out for the clever forgeries if you buy art.

Source: Wired

Image: Morgue File