Robots Learn to Hack

Just for a moment picture someone furiously typing away at the keypad of your phone, trying to get past the lock code; endless streams of four didget number combinations coming out of their hands in an attempt to get at your data. Who did you picture? Maybe you thought about a bad ex, or a nosy room mate. Or maybe you pictured someone who has stolen your phone, an unknown bad guy dressed in all black.  No matter which one of these scenarios you chose the odds are good you didn't picture a robot, but it can happen. One new robot R2B2, or Robotic Reconfigurable Button Basher if you are feeling formal today, is designed to do just that. It isn't much to look at, the main componet is a set of robotic fingertips that actually do the key entering. The robot has, thus far, been used to hack into Android phones with a fair rate of success.  The robot is the devious brainchild of Justin Engler and Paul Vines, two security researchers. If you want to see it in action for yourself you will be able to at the next Black Hat USA conference where it will be giving live demonstrations. Source: Cnet

Image: Morgue File