Robots Made of Gel? Yes!


When you think about a robot what do you picture him being made of? The odds are good that you picture large sheets of metal, probably held together by either welds or bolts. The majority of the time you would be right. Most robots are made of metal, though some are made of plastic as well. What you probably don't picture is an amorphous gel, but that is exactly what a team of researchers at UC Berkeley have done. They have made a gel that may be able to be used to make robots.

The team has made a a gel that is a mix of graphene and a synthetic version of the protein elastin. For those of you not familiar with it elastin is a flexible pro tine found in the skin, among other places, that allows it to move and flex with us. The synthetic version is made with the help of some special bacteria. The bacteria were genetically engineered to produce an elastin like compound. The graphene was added because it can produce heat when exposed to some wavelengths of light. The heat activates the bacterias flexibility.

Source: Yahoo News
Image: Morgue File