Rock Band 2: Announced and Details Released

Rock BandRock BandDespite having been announced only a little over a week ago, details on the upcoming sequel to Rock Band, Rock Band 2, have been released in the most recent edition of Game Informer. Harmonix, the developer of Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2, Rock Band, and now Rock Band 2, released details about several songs in the game, as well as the two drum sets that you can purchase for the game (yes, TWO different drum sets).

Harmonix announced that they would have a standard drum set sold with the game, and a limited edition set, called the "Ion Drum Set," which will be sold separately. Interestingly enough, the Ion Drum Set will also serve as a stand-alone drum kit when unplugged and separate from the game, indicating that it will be sold for a very high price.

The game's soundtrack will include songs from many artists, including Avenged Sevenfold, Billy Idol, Social Distortion, and Rage Against the Machine, among many others. It has also been announced that all of the songs from the original Rock Band game will be playable with Rock Band 2 as downloadable content. In addition, all of the downloadable songs for Rock Band will also be playable in Rock Band 2, which came as a sweet surprise to many consumers.

Watch for more info to be released shortly, as EA is expected to attend E3 next week, where they are likely to release more information about the title.