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Rock Your Baby In Two Ways

Babies just love to be rocked and now you can do it two ways with the same piece of furniture. Whether you need to hold baby while she falls asleep or just be near the cradle you are set to handle it either way -- or Rockid, Two-in-One Rocking Chair and CradleRockid, Two-in-One Rocking Chair and Cradleeven shift part way through without getting up. Whether mommy or daddy, you can sit up with a sick or fussy baby, or just spend some time watching that little miracle of yours sleep.

The Rockid comes from the company Ontwerpduo in the Netherlands and is made of birch plywood. It comes in your choice of gray, off-white, or natural wood. The simple, classic lines will make this a piece of furniture that you will want to hand down to future generations of new parents in your family.

It is a perfect gift for that new family just starting out, especially if either mom or dad is still in school. They can study while rocking baby to sleep.

Rockid, Two-in-One Rocking Chair and CradleRockid, Two-in-One Rocking Chair and CradleWhen baby outgrows the cradle, the entire piece can be converted into a rocking chair so that it continues to be a useable piece of furniture to continue with the family over the years. It can be a great seat in your child's room or anywhere in the house.

You can also leave it in its original design and let your daughter use it for that life-size baby doll that will need its own bed. Your daughter can play mommy and sit and read her story books to the baby.

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