Shower Tunes Brings Your Touchpad To Your Shower


I don't know that anyone would call a shower curtain a gadget, but the Shower Tunes shower curtain definitely qualifies as one.  It's not just a musical shower curtain, however, so its name doesn't do it justice.  Indeed it's a shower curtain that can transmit any sound, from a song to a movie to a telephone call, that emanates from any touchpad device you hook it up to, all the while keeping the device totally dry and even touchable!


Shower Tunes shower curtainShower Tunes shower curtain

So you can sing along with your favorite tunes on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, but you can also monitor your stocks, watch movies, answer emails, or talk to your friends (I would not suggest professional colleagues) while you shower. Indeed you can do practically anything your Apple or other touchpad device allows you to do when you are not in the shower.

Shower Tunes shower curtain can be used in place of a regular shower curtain, or as a curtain liner, if you prefer.  Just tuck your touchpad device into the waterproof pocket on the inside of the curtain and hook it up to the curtain's waterproof speaker system via the Shower Tunes speaker jack, and you're set to get wet.




Though the Shower Tunes shower curtain will not the best thing that ever happened to water conservation, it might be the best thing that ever happened to your morning shower!  Shower Tunes is available at in white, blue, and sand.


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