RockDex: A Measure for Bands Effectiveness on Social Media

Social media is one of the cheapest, most effective ways of branding.  And for musicians, branding is what it's all about.  An artist can spend time developing social media accounts and multimedia promotions to get their name out there, but how can they tell if it's effective?  Well, unless you have big money to spend on market penetration assessments, you can use RockDex.

 The site allows you to input a band name to measure their effectiveness at using social media  and how well their presence is felt on the internet.  You don't have to sign up or have an account, you can just search for any given band you like.  This makes RockDex great for comparing the marketing strategies of different acts, especially if you have insider information on those strategies.

Take Nine Inch Nails, for instance.  Their ranking is at about 97 out of 100 on RockDex.  When you consider the viral marketing campaign behind Year Zero, their recently released Iphone application, and the plethora of social networking accounts, it's easy to see why they'd have a greater presence on the web as opposed to the Allman Brothers, who scored at about 61. 

Of course, RockDex is going to prove more valuable to bands whose brand name is currently being built on the internet.  Specifically, this is going to refer to more contemporary acts who have staked all of their PR time in MySpace, Facebook, and the like.  Classic rock acts like The Allman Brothers don't really need to rely on the internet to sell records because of their established fame and loyal adult fanbase.  But for rising "regional" acts like A Midnight Tragedy, the tool may prove to be a vital source of advice on how to get their name out there.  If you're an artist, or you know someone who is, make sure to forward them this article, and tell us in the comments how RockDex is working for you.