The Rocking Cube: Not Your Grandma's Rocker

When I think of the word "rocker" one of two images come to mind: An avid music fan clad in black that drinks way too much cheap beer; or an ugly, upholstered seat in which you may find your grandmother knitting. Now, don't get me wrong - ain't nothing wrong with either one - I just wouldn't really associate the words sleek, modern, contemporary or stylish with either image.

Rocking Cube, cubedRocking Cube, cubed

But Jessica Nebel's Rocking Cube shatters (one of) those old conceptions and brings the classic up to speed with its clean lines and simple geometry.

I guess the devolved version of the Rocking Cube would be just a hollow, incomplete cube. But adding a bit of  "oomph," the artist pushed the seat through the body to create some extra dimension, and also tacked on some padding to the places that need it most. So, all in all, this chair rocks.

And along with the Rocking Cube, Nebel has demonstrated her creativity on several other fronts. These include Pixel It, a poster you design by pulling down flaps to relay whatever message you'd like; as well as her Take-Away Sink, which includes a bucket for a basin that you can take with you. Handy.

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