Rocking Sheep Updates Classic Rocking Horse, Adds Fleecy Comfort

Get ready to rock your child's world while pampering him or her with the ultra soft touch of wooly acrylic fleece! The Rocking Sheep from Japan's EMU.ENU not only updates the classic Rocking Horse with a refreshing, modern design, it addresses the childhood favorite's biggest sticking point: hard, cold surfaces.

Crafted from solid Beech wood, MDF and laminated plywood, the Rocking Sheep puts a child's safety first; their comfort a very close second. All wood surfaces are unpainted and the plywood glue used in the laminated base has been selected for its low formaldehyde emissions. Any discoloration the Beech wood components pick up through use can be quickly buffed out with sandpaper.

The fabric covering (available in your choice of Black or White) is 100% acrylic fiber that closely approximates the luxurious look and feel of real wool while offering kids a hypoallergenic textured surface to snuggle into.

The Rocking Sheep weighs 8 kg (17.6 lbs.), stands 280mm (11.2") high at the seat, is 400mm (16") wide including the horns and the entire unit is 740mm (29.6") in length. The base is about 20mm (0.8") thick and is equipped with twin non-scratch strips that also ensure silent running... er, rocking.

At 36,750 yen (about $456.50), the Rocking Sheep ain't cheap but don't let the pursuit of a bargain pull the wool over your eyes - Made In Japan quality like this is well worth the cost when considering the user: your child.

Makes a lasting, much appreciated gift that's part furniture, part plaything and part pet - not baaaaad at all! (via SPGRA Design Blog)

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