Roland Introduces The Grand Piano's Younger Brother

While keeping the look and feel of a traditional piano, Roland has recently unveiled their latest addition to their line of digital pianos.

The RG-1 digital mini-grand piano offers high-end piano sound, playability and performance with the company’s acclaimed PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboard with escapement. Being able to absorb moisture to replicate the slip-proof feel of ivory keys, the architecture reproduces the characteristic feel of a grand piano.

Despite the fact it’s not a traditional piano, the RG-1 has many advantages. The digital model has a smaller and more lightweight footprint, is more affordable and has enhanced media features. Pianists can play along with their favourite songs by simply inserting USB flash memory or an optional USB CD drive. The flexible file compatibility allows playback of .WAV files and standard MIDI files.

The RG-1 also delivers a great sound as there is a built-in-stereo system that helps reproduce the sound a full concert grand piano delivers. With a sleek black finish, the RG-1 digital mini-grand piano is a great gift for an aspiring musician..

To find out more information about the RG-1 or where you can purchase it, you can visit the company’s website .

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