The Roller Buggy Combines Adventure For Parents And Kids

For some of us, having our own kids can make us feel like kids again as we see the world through a brand new set of eyes.  Other people are just always young at heart and looking for ways to have fun in every situation.  Designer Valentin Vodev has come up with a concept for a stroller that involves fun and adventure for the parent and child alike.  The Roller Buggy design combines a conventional baby stroller with the thrill of a scooter.

So what about safety you might ask.  Well, the design incorporates a tailor-made hydraulic brake system that can be used at any time to slow or stop the buggy.  Of course, as with other strollers, this one also includes a safety belt for the child.  It is only meant for use with children 18 months and up and should not be operated at speeds any faster than 15 km/hour (or around 9 miles/hour).  The scooter portion of the body can also be pushed in to convert the buggy to an all-terrain stroller for regular use.

It is difficult to determine whether this sounds like a fun or terrifying idea.  It is an interesting one to say the least.


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Kim Patterson
Innovative Health, Beauty and Kid's Products