Roller Coaster Made of Prius Parts Could Power More Than Just The Coaster

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I haven't been on a roller coaster ride in years. They no longer appeal to me like they use to. Pretty soon though, my kids are going to be old enough to want to ride a coaster. It is interesting to think that roller coasters like the innovative hybrid one below may be in their eco-friendly future.

In the fascinating video below you will watch a group of people design a rollercoaster prototype out of 2011 Prius parts: batteries, engine, wires, etc. The Prius is taken apart bit by bit and then converted into a roller coaster. The idea came about thanks to teamwork between Deepicol and Toyota.

The purpose of the idea is to discover if the Hybrid Synergy Drive® system could be used to "generate enough power during the braking of a roller coaster to power other things often found in an amusement park" (Toyota). A track is built in the shop to test the theory out. Take a look at the video for the results. 

To find out more information visit Toyota.

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