Rollerphone Concept Literally Puts The Power At Your Fingertips

The world of smarthphones is constantly evolving, sometimes with less than intelligent results. On the "gee, that's clever" side of things comes the Rollerphone, a transparent-screen concept that has a host of interesting features.

One of the most important things to know about the Rollerphone right off the bat is that it looks like a watch. Sitting as a wristband, the Rollerphone when viewed from above will project an image of the current time onto a user's wrist for easy temporal identification, provided a large freckle or mole doesn't bar the way. While this is cool, the skin-as-watch concept has been done before and alone would not be cool enough.

It's once the palm goes up and the underside of the Rollerphone is exposed that things get interesting. Using a small sliding mount, a user can pull out a transparent phone screen, customized to stretch only as far as their fingertips. On the screen will be the standard phone number buttons as well as call and hangup buttons, a visual display of the number dialed and the amount signal strength and battery life the phone has. Once a call has been made, the user simply holds their hand to their ear and talks away, looking a little odd but certainly more technologically advanced than most of their fellows.

In addition to a watch and phone, the Rollerphone is also intended to be used for Web surfing, playing games and watching videos. With a speaker built into the "firm" part of the transparent pull-tab and a microphone in the wrist base, a properly fit Rollerphone should, in theory, make for a comfortable speaking experience.

Rollerphone: so much awesome wrist action.Rollerphone: so much awesome wrist action. 

The concept gets A+ marks for coolness and futuristic sweetness, but the possibility of phone breakage here seems off of the charts. A transparent phone surface like the one described would have to straddle the line between too rigid and too soft and we would think could easily be broken if left open accidentally or if it caught on the edge of a jacket or shirt. We can't imagine technology like this would be cheap and while the phone would certainly be more secure around a wrist than in a pocket, we're not confident we could wear this for more than day without destroying it.

Still, way to go on the design coolness factor and take us one step closer to that "Star Trek" future we all keep hearing so much about. Call us from your Rollerphone when you get there and let us know what it's like, OK?

Source: Yanko Design