Rollie Your Way To Eggs-ellence

If there is one thing that is simple to cook it is eggs. Now making them is even easier with the Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System. With this nifty little gadget you too can make your eggs look like your sausages. You could also skewer them onto a stick and eat an "eggsicle." It's as easy to use as a toaster -- in fact it is very much like a toaster.

Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System (You Tube Image)Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System (You Tube Image)

So why do you need Rollie? Well for one thing the eggs are cooked without oil, saving calories. It is also the chance to play with your food that your mother never let you have. If you are the parent of a toddler who won't eat anything that isn't shaped like a hot dog you can finally get the kid to eat something else.

You just put your eggs (and fixings) into the Rollie and when they are cooked it pops up ready to go. You can just grab and go on your way out of the house. The device is also reputed to be able to make burritos and pizza roll-up things -- apparently some of the things that are in the recipe book that they include at no extra cost. 

So if you're into eating food shaped like a cigar (insert your own Freudian joke here) the Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System is the gadget for you! 

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Source: Incredible Things