Rolls-Royce Spurs Sales In China With Limited Edition “Majestic Horse” Ghost

Rolls-Royce is fielding a new horse in the race to lasso China's free-spending luxury carbuyers: the limited-edition “Majestic Horse” Ghost. While not a pony car in any sense of the term, the Ghost sports exclusive trim styled after traditional Chinese ink painting and is set to be introduced in conjunction with the Chinese New Year... the Year of the Horse, of course.

The Majestic Horse is no different than any other Ghost mechanically and its body panels show no hints of customization. Instead, as depicted at Rolls-Royce Kunming's Weibo page, a pair of two-toned horse appliques grace the vehicle's front fenders – one per side – and they're complemented by a double pinstripe.

Inside, similar Majestic Horse symbols highlight the glove compartment door, the seat headrests and the seat cushions. The exact introduction date hasn't been set though expect it to coincide with the official advent of the Year of the Horse on January 30th of 2014.

Rolls-Royce enjoyed record sales in China last year as between 35 and 40 percent of the company's automobiles were sold by the nation's 20 official dealers. The 998 cars sold in 2012 marked a 16 percent increase over the previous year.

Tougher sledding looms ahead, however, as the Chinese government's official austerity drive is expected to hit all purveyors of big-ticket items. Rolls-Royce hopes its Majestic Horse Ghost will help kick sales upward once more (via Jing Daily, Openers, and Bloomberg)