Is Rolltop 2.0 The Laptop Of The Future? Seems Like A Circular Argument

A computer you can carry under your arm like a stylish, rolled-up yoga mat? Why not, says the Rolltop design company, currently in the process of obtaining partners, investors and manufacturers for its new computing innovation.

Form and function both seem to be on display with the Rolltop 2.0 concept, an improvement on earlier work by the same company and one that seems poised to take the ever-shrinking laptop market by storm. The idea here is that the Rolltop can be - you saw this coming - rolled up and carried around using a shoulder strap just as if you were on your way to the gym or were pretending to be so that everyone in the park could see how "fit" you were.

When you want to use the Rolltop, the plan is for it to simply be rolled out, each segmented section giving enough strength and with enough room for electronic components that the flattened version resembles an actual laptop. The center tube of the roll itself is then used as a charging cable dock and has an AC adapter at the top so that it can take advantage of any local outlet source of power. In addition, the "base", as it is known, contains a web camera, speaker, an Internet connection port and USB ports.

Using full touchscreen technology, the Rolltop itself is actually one large screen that can be made to function as a keyboard with monitor or as a 17" flatscreen for watching movies or as a drawing tablet. The back of the Rolltop also features a stand to use when the fullscreen aspect of the device is being used, with the overall aim of the making the Rolltop the ultimate all-in-one laptop system.

As mentioned above, the company is currently seeking partners and investors and if they get the right people with the right money, this thing could easily take off. The size of components currently on the market means that designing a segmented laptop as described should not pose a challenge and so long as it can be made to work seamlessly as shown, the Rolltop could be a massive hit.

Enjoy the video of potential new hotness in action:


Rolltop 2.0, we hope you roll out soon.

Source: Rolltop