Roll-Up Remote Control Speaker Keyboard for Well Rounded Types

Roll-Up keyboards are nothing new but the DN-SKB-MF02 Roll-Up Speaker Keyboard from Shanghai Donya takes the concept to the next level. The USB-powered and remote-control operated device features a keyboard, stereo speakers and MP3 music player compatibility all wrapped up in a sleek silvery cylinder.

You might not need the DN-SKB-MF02 Roll-Up Speaker Keyboard but once you see it in action you'll probably want it anyway, just for its sheer mega gadget cred. The action begins when you plug the 435mm × 78mm × 76mm (17.4” x 3” x 3”) matte silver tube into your PC or laptop's USB port.

Push a button and out comes the keyboard, extruded like a paper page from a printer. Here, check out Shanghai Donya's video of the DN-SKB-MF02 Roll-Up Speaker Keyboard in action:

If electrically rolling its keyboard out and back was all the DN-SKB-MF02 Roll-Up Speaker Keyboard did, it would probably be enough – this isn't a trick one see's every day. But noooo... 'lectric lizard tongue manoeuvrings are just the jumping-off point. Shanghai Donya has cleverly integrated a pair of stereo speakers into the ends of the tube.

The keyboard sports an extra pair of shiny ON/OFF slider switches for the Keyboard and the Player. Presumably the user selects the Player switch when he/she is in the mood for some tunes, then connects their MP3 player to the dedicated slot in the keyboard's leading edge. There's also a slot for a Micro-SD card.

Last but not least, the DN-SKB-MF02 Roll-Up Speaker Keyboard includes a portable remote control in the event you want to operate the connected MP3 player from the comfort of your sofa, bed, bathroom... some comfortable place, anyway.

Gratuitous overkill or every gadget geek's delight? Both? Shanghai Donya is offering the DN-SKB-MF02 Roll-Up Speaker Keyboard at their website for 4,999 yen (about $64.50), and even the tax is included. (via Gigazine

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