Roly Poly Drink Glasses Make You Want to Party

Now you don't need to tip a few back to feel a bit off kilter! The Roly Poly Glasses Cordial Set takes the work out of skewing your vision before you even start downing your evening's libations.

Take me drunk, I'm homeTake me drunk, I'm home

With the holidays quickly approaching, it's always a good idea to have plenty to drink on hand, not only for coping with those pesky relatives, but also to keep your guests rosy-cheeked and full of holiday cheer. What better a way than with this wild and crazy hand blown glass set? Each shot glass as well as the decanter features a circular base which allows for your drink to behave like a weeble wobble, whilst keeping every drop of the precious beverage contained.

This set might assist in the entertainment department as well -- just don't let anyone start playing quarters or spin the bottle because it could get weird. Or it could backfire and end the party early, as your guests might believe they're more sauced than they actually are, sending the teetotalers running. A risk one must take, I suppose.

Regardless, this unique glass set is a cool addition to any party, especially for those in need of a conversation starter.

Found via Geekologie

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