Romanian Medical Center Has Unique Ad Campaign That May Put Them Out of Business

I'm pretty pissed with the state of health care here in the United States.  Up until a few years ago I had health insurance (albeit with a high deductible) - and had to use it on occasion.

Now, due to a series of events too bizarre and complicated to write about here, I have no health insurance.  But I still have health problems that are essentially draining my bank account at an alarming rate due to the cost of medicines.  (And yes, I do exercise regularly and attempt to eat well, though pizza is my Kryptonite).  At this point it would be cheaper for me to go to Mexico and get my meds from a little drug store, then attempt to smuggle them back across the border.

Of course, with my luck, I'd get caught.  And the drug-sniffing dog would lose it's cool and eat my leg.

However, after seeing this ad campaign by Rosana Medical, I may move to Romania instead.

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Not only do these ads claim top-of-the-line medical care (to the point of curing the patient so competently that he/she need never return - thus destroying their own client base), but they are also self-aware and extremely intelligent and funny.

Two lines that kill me (pun not intended) from the ad above:
"Well, we, the medical staff from Rosana, are stupid enough to put ourselves out of business.  Therefore we've developed the 'I don't need you anymore, Doc' program."  And:
"Next time you're ill, don't hesitate to come to us and help us build up our own crisis."

These are my kind'a docs!

Check out their next ad, which harbors the key idea behind the campaign:

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"It's all because our financially illiterate doctors still believe in the power to heal instead of bill.  And this means that our specialists will do everything in their powers for you to not see a doctor again."

Yes!  I actually want to see these doctors!

The final portion of this campaign is my favorite by far.  It had me rolling in that it has the most sarcastic flavor out of the three ads.  While grammatically clumsy, it just plain rocks.

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"So, all you Rosana's economically moron doctors raise your hand.  O!  There you go, look at this bunch of financially challenged idiots from Cardiology, Surgery, Colposcopy, Dermato-Venerealogy, Ecography, Physiotherapy, Medical gymnastics, Urology, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry.  If anyone asks you, yes, there is a place where doing your job can leave you without it."

I know that this is not an ideal world.  And I know many, many doctors on a personal level (my ex-wife is a Physician Assistant and I was the secretary for our County's PA/NP Association.  I met tons of doctors, and consider some of them my friends).  I live in Florida, and this state is strangled by insurance companies and sue-crazy lawyers.  Many doctors in this state have their hands tied due to this.

So, in my case, having medical care the likes of which is described in these ads is an impossibility.

Hell, I don't even know if these ads are real!  But I'm putting pennies in a jar for my ticket to Romania...

SOURCES: Ads of the World, Rosana Medical
Sep 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Favourite line

"Maybe this absurd phillosophy will make any entrepeneur laugh all away to the bank but hope we will see him on our ward when he chokes"

Nice article