Romantic Evenings Can Start With A "Dry" Martini Lamp

You don't drink this martini; it really is dry.  Dry is a lighting design by Edoardo Bassini for Light House, Design another fresh, original design launching at 100% Design next week.


  "Dry" table lamp: by Edoardo Bassini for Light House Design"Dry" table lamp: by Edoardo Bassini for Light House Design


The iconic styling of this glass-sculpted lamp leaves no doubt about why it is named "Dry," and it is equally inviting as the real thing, for whether you like martinis or not, there is a consistent, reliable beauty in their container and its contents.  But Dry is more unique than being in the shape of a giant martini glass.

The lamp has a novel high-capacity battery that feeds the LED for up to six hours at a time.  No worries about wires, wasting electricity or, indeed, blowing out the candles.  But if you want to switch Dry off before it expires by itself, you can just turn the lamp upside down, without burning your hand. 

Another desirable feature of the Dry Lamp is that it lights the table without shining in your eyes, so you can actually see your dinner partner without peering through the glare of the lamp.  After all, coy glances at the dinner table are often the beginning of a thoroughly romantic evening.


Visitors to 100% Design can see the lamp and other new designs from Light House Design at Stand D115, September 23 to 26 at Earls Court London.


Feb 27, 2011
by Anonymous

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